Brittany here!
Seven years ago I was working as a nurse, desperately searching for anwers to personal medical issues that the healthcare system could not solve. Little did I know that my search for something more natural would lead to a career in health education and coaching - changing lives all around me!

I found a way to prevent dis-ease and get to the root of my digestive, urinary and kidney problems. I found a more natural way to balance my hormones, reduce toxins in my home, and care for my newborn baby. Natural solutions came at the perfect time for me! I am so grateful I followed the prompting to seek out a better solution and find balance between modern and holistic medicine. 
If you are searching for more natural solutions in your home, look no further.
Here you will find a community that encourages and inspires simple, powerful everyday healthy habits that will change your life. 

Take a look around and please send me a message before you go!

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